Well-equipped conference hall. We have conference hall with audio video aids like LED projector and screen.
It is very important to have audio visual aids to conduct courses like "Basics of Anatomy and Physiology". Students can understand very easily when they see the images and videos explaining the basic human structure and functions.

Once the student complete this basic course have the responsible knowledge of structure and functions of human body they can further they can select the branch in which they want to specialize as a paramedical technician. The students will then have on job practical training in Shivam Hospitals respective departments. The main objective here will be to develop and enhance practical skills of the students and same time teaching them the theory behind it by experienced doctors and paramedical professionals.

Eg. If a students want to be an Radiology Technician he will have to first do the "Basic of Anatomy and Physiology" course. After completion he will enrolled for "radiology technician" course. He will practically get access to high end CT-Scan machine, X-Ray machine etc. he will learn practical skills of taking X-ray and doing a Ct- Scan study under guidance of experienced professionals.

We thus ensure that when a student successfully completes his curriculum at SHINE, he or she will be so much skilled in his or her specialty that he or she will be ready to SHINE in the healthcare paramedical industry not only in India but also abroad. So come and join SHINE.